Business jargon 101: a quick guide to the phrases you need to know

Read on to learn about a number of important business terms that every single business man or woman needs to comprehend.

Certainly one of the most important basic business terms to know is operating expenses. These are any types of expenses incurred while conducting standard business operations, such as wages, salaries, administrative and research costs, as well as development costs. These are all very important components to all companies. Large businesses like Novo Banco are most likely to have extremely high operating expenses, making it even more crucial that its earnings are high enough to balance out the amount positively. Capital input is a different genuinely crucial part of business terminology to understand. This term is commonly referred to as investment, or new investment, and has to do with any new funds being invested into a firm – not as loans, but rather as money invested in ownership. This investment will clearly flourish in value if a company does excellently, but will reduce if the opposite were to happen. Like all investments, a big element of risk is involved.

Unquestionably, one of the most crucial financial terms to know in terms of business is assets. But just what exactly are assets? Well, to put it simply, assets are any invaluable things a business is in possession of. This consists of cash and receivables, property, inventory and so on. They are valuables that have value in an exchange. Assets can be either long-term or short-term and the variation between the two might be whether they last three, 5, or even 20 years. Capital assets are considered long-term assets and are also referred to as fixed assets. You just know that large businesses such as RIU Hotels have a bunch of assets – it is pertinent to have them if an enterprise is aiming to be successful. Venture capital is another great phase to have an understanding of. To put it clearly, venture capital is cash that is invested in new or emerging businesses that are recognized as having great profit possibilities. This term is commonly brought up in business language so it’s a terrific tip to have a great understanding of it.

If a man or woman is to come upon a few general business terms, one term they are probably going to encounter very frequently is the acronym AGM. An AGM, or annual general meeting, is a obligatory annual meeting of a business's shareholders. At the Telecom Italia AGM, for example, the directors of the business will present a very important report containing information for stockholders about the company's performance and strategy. In turn, these shareholders with voting rights get to vote on present issues, such as appointments to the business's board of directors and executive compensation. All the key decisions of the running of a business are made in the course of an AGM. Needless to say, it is an indispensable part of managing any successful company, especially when trying to grow or expand a company.

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